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A guide to Islam’s annual pilgrimage.

Millions of Muslims this week flock to Islam’s holiest city of Makkah to perform the annual hajj pilgrimage. Being the fifth pillar of Islam, hajj or the act of making a pilgrimage is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims. Muslims who are above average money are required to perform hajj at least once in lifetime if they have the physical and financial ability. In it, pilgrims follow the footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim and his family.

“Prophet Ibrahim preached the oneness of God, a message that was later revived and renewed by the last of all Prophets, Muhammad. “Ibrahim, along with his son Ismail built the Kaaba in the holy city of Makkah. And accordingly, this pillar reflects the notion of complete submission to Allah and the Abrahamic faith.” For many pilgrims, hajj is perceived to be a journey of the body and the soul at the same time

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